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Hey guys.  I just finished my new Backporch Apartment Aquaponic System using 2 vertical zipgrow towers that drain into a DWC trough.  I also added a small tub that I filled with hydroton and cinder to work as a solids filter and to pre cycle media for when we help people start their own systems.  Here's a video:

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Nice setup R.K. :) I like the foil on the raft beds.

Is your media bed a flood and drain? Keep that water level a couple inches below the top media line, or you're gonna have some serious algae problems.

It's not really being used for anything but to filter some solids, pre cycle media for people and start seeds in.  I added the bell siphon to use just in case.  It doesn't really fire very often.  

But good advice about the algae.  

When I take out this media I will work on the bell siphon and get it just right.  

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