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Hey everyone, I was on the phone with my mother last month when she mentioned that a local farmer that we buy chickens from had expanded to include fish farming and was changing their name.  After our chat I checked out their website and they talked about trout in their raceway system, and that there would be a greenhouse built.  I thought it was pretty cool that a commercial system was being set up so close to me.   So I fired off an email of interest and here's the reply:

Hi Paul, sorry this has taken so long to reply. First of all thank you for your interest! We will be setting up an open house sometime in the near future. Right now we are working on bio security protocol
and are unable to do tours right now. Yes  it is aquaculture at this
point, but once we get the greenhouse going [future] it will also be aquaponics.
Sparetime? Hmm…I would say not at this point!  We will post the open
house on the website which is also under construction!   
Leslie      Watersong Farms


So you can imagine I'll be watching their website! 

I'll report back after the tour.  They're located 30 minutes north, very close by my parent's home.

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