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So first of all a confession: I have never actually worked with an aquaponics system. Yet I am obsessed with learning about aquaponics and will soon have access to land and funds to start an aquaponics farm The symbiotic relationship of fish, plants,  bacteria, and people is not only innovative, but changing the way we eat, and the food industry operates. There is a lifetime of information available on the internet about how to build and maintain different types of systems, but I am having trouble figuring out what works and what to avoid. I would love to have charts, and graphs available that show me best practices based on quantitative. No such analytics currently seem to exist. So I propose an aquaponics database where people share information on their systems, and can open source the results. I am currently talking with an experienced data architect about building this system. In order to design the database I need to know what parameters to use so the information can be most useful to the users. Please check out the temporary form, and website at

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Isnt that what this forum does? There are ratios and all that numbers stuff in threads already. And all the opinions, experiance and advice exist in severel forums, books, and videos. But maybe you have something else i mind? What works best depends on lots of things, its not an easy question. In my opinion, of course. If you expose more folks to AP your doing a great thing!

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