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So like a rookie I made a rookie mistake and enjoyed showing my daughter the fish so much that I just left the lids off my 3 ibc totes to show her all the fish well that and I got lazy about putting them back on. Came out the other day and BOOM a huge algae bloom took over. I put the lids back on also covered with black landscape fabric and the sides are covered with siding to keep light out...But now what do I do to kill off all of this algae? It is solid green and I can't see more then 1inch into the water. Thanks for any help

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Tilapia should eat the algae.

Hi Joseph,

Try reducing/stopping feeding the fish for a week or two. You're trying to reduce the protein in your water and starve off the algae. No light for this period..........and a pump volume to turn over the FT volume within one hour.

Thanks for the help. I have nile tilapia and channel catfish and I think I was over feeding them so I will cut down on the amount food they get and keep everything covered up. Thanks for the help!

I made a rookie mistake

You're not the first and worse mistakes have been made.

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