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I've recently taken over an unused but serviceable commercial greenhouse, 100 x 30 ft.  I want to grow mixed HP and AP.  I've no AP experience, but I'm a pretty good HP grower.  

I can't dig down in this location (leased and it's got a weedblock flooring down).  I need to lay out a larger AP system than I see most places, which are more for garages and spare bedrooms.  

I've toyed with the idea of an above ground pool I've found on Craigs List.  I don't want to get HUGE, but if I don't stake out territory for AP right at the design stage, HP will fill it all.  

Are there design plans for larger operations?  Would stacked featherlight blocks lined with a pond liner be a better choice?  Somebody suggested a wooden frame with a pool liner, but that seems pretty weak to me.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Virginia Beach.  

(and sorry, again, for the mass email.  I wasn't familiar with the board.)

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There are several designs out there.  In va beach, you are fairly close to hybrid striped bass out of pungo.  That would be cool, and higher value than most the fish you could grow otherwise.


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