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I've got two 40 gallon grow beds and a 100 gallon fish tank. Ph is stable and I've gots lots growing. My initial grow bed still has red chili peppers, tall plants with lots of flowers, but no fruit. Healthy plants from when they first sprouted in July. Should I pull these chili peppers and start something different? My other grow bed has broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoe plants, all growing nicely. I also have a separate deep water system growing nice lettuce, as well as a PVC design cycling water through it with phenomenal growth. Fish are healthy and happy. I'm just wondering if I'm wasting the grow bed with the chili peppers. Everything is in a greenhouse in the state of Georgia.

Feedback would be most welcome.

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I struggled getting my flowers pollinated but I did eventually get fruit.  I had a fan going but apparently it wasn't enough so I would shake the plant or try to press flower to flower to get pollination going. Peppers also like heat so this time of year may be too cool.

Sadly I got an aphid infestation and since aphids seem to love peppers, I pulled the plant.  Unfortunately the aphids are still winning

It could just be a pollination problem. Or your plant could be lacking in some nutrient. Any weird-ness going on with your pepper leaves or stems? Purpling, yellowing, curling, maybe stunted size?

Actually, I'm getting a bumper crop of peppers now. Something happened and whatever it was, it was good. At what point do I thin out my brocoli and cauliflower in my other grow bed?

Broccoli and cauliflower are seedlings? Thin them out when it looks like they are going to start crowding each other out for lighting.

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