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Need names of Univ/colleges/Seminaries with aquaponics course work...

Hi All,

     I do not want to start a firestorm of controversy.  I simply need some information.  Certainly, in this fine group I have come to enjoy being a part of, there are some people  who have the information I seek.
   Can anyone tell me the names of Christian Colleges/Universities or Seminaries, etc. in the USA  or other English speaking countries, that have aquaponics as part of their course work?  Maybe even farming?  Need any that people can provide.  Thank you ahead of time for this information....

- Converse

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I haven't seen it yet, but BYU in Rexburg Idaho has an aquaponics system. I plan to go see it soon.
Not a Christian college (unfortunately), but there are the courses you requested...

University of Arizona in Tucson:


Cooperative Extension:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:

Chicago State University near me has a system.... not a jesus school though

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