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I'm making a larger aquaponics system. 

It has one grow bed on the top and another one in the bottom. The top one has bell siphon that sends the water to the bottom growbed and the one in the bottom has loop siphon that sends the water back to the barrel. 

I went to test out the bell siphon. I didn't really start. But the water did fall through it when it got to a certain height. My question is, why didn't it work like a real bell siphon?

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Are you referring to the top siphon or the bottom?  I've found that my siphon requires a certain in-flow rate that quickly overwhelms the down pipe, allowing the siphon to be created.  Any slower rate simply lets the water drain over the lip of the down tube without overwhelming it and creating the necessary suction.

The top one. I guess I didn't let the water fill higher to let it create a siphon

Trying increasing the water in flow rate into the top bed. See if that helps.

ok. Thanks

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