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I have been building and selling turnkey systems for most of the year now. I have been buying all the local supplies that I can, but have cleaned out all my local sources.

Most of the pumps that I use are purchased from Aquatic Ecosystems. The pumps are made in China so they pass by me in Hawaii to go to Florida only to come most of the way back to China. These pumps travel WAY more than I do!!!!! These pumps travel more than most of the food that is imported here as well.


I am wondering if anybody has any experience in wholesale purchasing form China or elsewhere? I have been researching and am a little overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers. I am a little scared to do business in a foreign country.


The main things I am looking to purchase is water and air pumps and 15 minute mechanical timers.


I need some pointers and good sources. Can anybody PLEASE help me out?

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Careful importing fish food from China

1) you don't know what is in it (unless it is a reputable brand) 

2) Fish food doesn't last indefinitely so make sure you can use it up within a year


Unless you are importing Hikari or something like that I don't see how you could come out on the cheaper end of the spectrum after container shipping charges. If you are going to order that much food Zeigler or one of the other US manufacturers will cut you a deal. Plus you never know what kind of bugs are going to infiltrate your food on the container ship. Ive seen entire loads come through that were full of bugs, bags still sealed. Just make sure they fill the bags with CO2(preserves freshness and kills bugs) if you end up finding a good deal.:) 

Chris ...did you solve this Sourcing of Equipment?  I do some biz in China BUT have holesalers in Calif. safer...

Let me know,,,,

Quite honestly I got a little frustrated with the process of trying to find reputable companies that would deal with cases instead of containers. I also fortunately found work some months ago so my time to do all the farm work, build systems, and source /order materials has been very limited. I have been ordering form Aquatic Ecosystems because I trust them, but would LOVE to have a closer and cheaper source of parts.

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