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Hi everyone!  I'm in the process of mentally setting up my first aquaponics system.  My husband finally let me have a goldfish tank if I put in in the basement (since I have multiple tank syndrome).  Then he said, "Hey wouldn't it be neat if we could grow food from it?"  He watched one those episodes of Doomsday Preppers and thought it was neat.  While we can't grow much off of a 29 gallon tank, as an engineer I couldn't pass up the though of dabbling in something new for fun.  I'm a bit stumped on lighting though...

It seems like HID is the best way to go from my research.  Can I run one safely in a basement?  Can anyone recommend what I should get for a 2.5 x 2 ft grow bed (I read I should need about 250 watts for this size grow bed if that accurate)?  I'd like it to be semi affordable if that's possible; I just have no idea what I am looking for!  Also, if I plan on doing a combination of fruits and vegetation, is one spectrum bulb better over another in this case?  

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