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Hello community at large,

I live in western Oregon, and have been involved in aquaponics for about three plus years, and have been battling slugs way more than I want to admit.  I have been keeping rock salt along the bottom floor areas of my greenhouse, and yes I occasionally sacrifice crappy beer to a Frisbee in the grow beds; and pick any off I can find.  Still they persist in the moist areas.  

  So my question is today I came across another Iron Phosphate product, for slug disposal by whitney farms.   Can I put this product in say my frisbee, to kill off the slugs?  thinking they will crawl across the product, and go somewhere else to die. 

 Has anyone tried this,  I don't plan on putting it directly on my hydroton, as i'm concerned about whether it will affect my water quality, and how well it will help with slug disposal.  I have 5 growbeds on a chop system, and have aproximaltly 800 gallons of water moving about.   I currently have goldfish about 2-3" long about 80 of em in an ibc, and plan on upgrading to catfish and possibly trout in the near future.  

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search "sluggo" on this forum

It works.

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