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No need to reinvent the wheel.  are you filtering before the NFT?

Hi Gerry,

The more information you can give about your system the better to pinpoint any weakness. How the system operates, hardware, inputs, your objectives/goals etc.

Hi George ,Harold,
Yes I am filtering through the use of 55 gal drums.
It's a 275 IBC tote culture tank using a chop system to a 55 gal vortex filter which drains into a centre column screen filter drum and finally into a bio filter drum.from here I'm pumping it up into 1 1/2" PVC manifold system which I can dial in equal flow rate to each of the 3" PVC nft tubes which are overlapped to bring the water back to the culture tank end of the green this point I have my sump tank setup with a equal size pump as the bio filter tank to keep the levels of water in the culture tank even.
I'm not happy with two pumps, but raising tanks and drums were not a option for me to use gravity out of the bio filter to the manifold.pump size are 400 GPH.
I have (15) 5 - 6 " tilapia in the culture tank.
My first battery of nft pipes when complete will total 80 Lf with 120 plugs. The way I have this set up is for expansion to double that on the other side of green house.

My system is nothing like yours so I won't comment other than to say that it looks very interesting and I hope it works well for you.  Happy gardening.

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