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My tilapia are breeding on their own, whats next.?

While we weren't trying to breed them but hoping they would on their own, I just noticed that 2 of my females have bulging mouths, I for sure seen eggs in 1 of their mouths.

1st: How long till they release their eggs?

2nd: I have 4 females & 2 males in the same tank, if I try to remove the un brooding ones, will the others spit out their eggs?

3rd: best recommendation for my situation please?

thank you in advance for your help.

Mike H.

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Do you have something the female can hide in like a small to medium terra cotta pot?

Yes, she has a pipe to hide in. I've draped a towel over the nesting end so their is more privacy. They seem calmer and quieter. Hope it works!

Having only one female is a problem. I understand that 4-5 females to 1 male is best. Probably keeps the male more occupied. Sometimes you can have an over aggressive male too. Sounds like you're doing what you can to breed your female. Good luck.

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