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Just thought some of you guys might like to see an update and a new finished system. Several years back I began to develop and use Aquaponic systems to grow fish and vegetables for my family.  My interest came from wanting my family to eat a little better, and to find some alternative ways to help people in third world countries where resources are scarce or it is dangerous to travel to fish or be out in the fields.  I've had a longtime love of gardening, fishing, and aquariums so this wasn't much of a stretch. 
I developed this small two barrel system to help my family and others just like us around the country and world.  Many larger systems can be found on the net, but I worked to develop the smaller system you can see.  It has proven it'self to us in the last couple years and so now I will be offering pre-built systems for sale locally for those who lack the skills, and plans for a reasonable price for  those who need a little guidance building their own.  My little sideline business is A+ Aquaponics in So. Cal.
My videos have been on the web for quite a while and I encourage those that are interested to take the cheapest route and make their own from my design.
Hope you enjoy taking a look!!!!  
Aquaponics really is a neat thing!!!!

All the Best,


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