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So close to being done I can taste it! She is housed in a 24 X 36 greenhouse. Has a 715 gallon fish pond. There are four 16 X 3 growbeds filled with 3/4 river rock. I have about 120 3-4 inch tilapia in the pond and a waterfall for aeration. There is also a small 75 gallon tank with a round tub which will house a banana that I am setting up later today. Hopefully the last of the gravel will be done tomorrow and we can get to growing some plants! Now let's see if I can figure out how to post pictures.

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Hi Anna, Congrats on your new greenhouse! it looks awesome. I love the work you did on the media beds, good job there. And your fish pond in the greenhouse is wonderful! Keep up the great work and update us with pics on your progress.

Impressive, and beautiful.  I'd like to hear the technical details- capacities, if ebb and flow how often; total volume exchanges how often, type of tilapia.  Can't get over the pleasing details in your fish pond landscaping. You used the polycarbonate roofing/ siding- good choice; you won't have to spend a lot of time to maintain that.

I agree this is a beautiful system! It looks like it should produce an amazing amount of produce/veggies!

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