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Hi all! It's nice to see so many people coming together to share information about aquaponics! I haven't posted but I have learned a lot just by reading. I started my own site recently for what soon is going to become my own aquaponics farm. I would love it if some of you would come have a look and share some of your extensive experience there. 

You can find us at It is a site mostly dedicated to the local Winnipeg, Manitoba community. But we welcome anyone who has experience to share and questions to ask. The forum is just getting started and we would really appreciate getting some good people on there posting and starting discussions. 

I hope this doesn't violate any policies here. We don't want anyone to abandon one site for another. But we would love if you could join us and help get our community talking too :)


(if this post violates any policies let me know :)

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I found the guidelines faq. Not sure why I didn't see it before. I am not sure if this applies since I am not a commercial site looking for customers, nor do I have any ads on my site. Either way let me know if this is a violation and I will gladly see it taken off and not get demoted :(

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