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Its on a south facing wall that is the wall of a lumber drying kiln.

I have glass to install on an angle on the south face and I'll fit 2 sheets on each gh end.

Glass is 4.5'x99x 1/2" tempered. 

I had to wrap cover the walls in plastic right now so I could do the inside work.

The tanks are SS 250gl each.

Still building grow beds.

The white fiberglass boxes will be buried along the back wall.

Happy Fishing.



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Looks nice and spacious! And it appears you have enough lumber to keep a wood burning stove going for about an eternity and then some :)

I sawmill/kiln dry and use the wood to make heat for the kiln, work buildings , dog groom shop, hot water for the groom shop and floor heat in an 1890 house .  I'm fabricating a gasifier to run an engine now so I'll get electricity and more efficiency from the wood fuel.  The gasifier will also give heat to the greenhouse.


A pic of a Rosemary plant in bloom

I also have some elephant garlic that is up about 8" (no pic yet)


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