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Hello, my name is Johann.  I joined this site almost a year ago with the intent to start a system.  That was delayed until this spring, well, just the tail end of winter.  I have a barrel ponics system in the process of being built, but as I was looking at junk on my deck I thought I'd try a small system with a tile pump, a small tub, and a home depot bucket.  I had some plastic tubing hanging around too.  I've added videos that show my progression.  Anyway, I now have a 55 gallon tank with two grow beds in a south facing bay window that is working quite nicely.  It's a flood and drain system, but think I will end going with smaller plants and starter plants.  If you check out the videos you can see why.  Anyways, that's me so far... oh, I have one goldfish and a bluegill.

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