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 This is my first try at aquaponics hopefully I didn't stray to far off the beaten path.

It is a flood and drain  controlled by timer.

Media is lava rocks on bottom 2 in with pea gravel on top.

Sticking with goldfish for now due to hardiness, if all goes well will do catfish in larger setup later. 

As far as plants go i want to try the normal Southern garden variety okra, peppers, squash, eggplant, maybe honeydew,  and of course some kitchen Herbs. 

any feed back appreciated.

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I'm going to recommend you add more media if possible, Looks like those bins are only half filled and the more gravel you have the more filtration you have along with giving more space for the plant roots.

Also I noticed that you said pea gravel.  You might want to check what kind of rock that pea gravel is.  "pea gravel really only describes the size/shape but not necessarily the type of stone.  Limestone won't work well for aquaponics because it will keep your pH too high for most plants to thrive and at least in my part of the world the cheapest pea gravel is going to be limestone.

River rock (again depending on the location) is sometimes a good media but you might want to test to make sure your river rock isn't limestone.

Test is easy,

Ty TC  more media added and it all passed the  fizz test.

very good

beans day 4 peppers are also already up. thyme has not sprouted as of yet

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