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How many are too many plants in a bed ? Is this too much for a 10 gallon with 12 gold fish?

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"Too many" plants in a bed happens when they start crowding each other out for light or you are getting poor airflow in between your plants. Yours looks fine; you can always trim them back or pull a few out if it gets to be too much.


I am thinking of growing......have a 50 gallon plastic barrel, 396 gph pump and a bunch of told to get a sump pump ( have a old 1/3 that might work but electrical use is an issue )  so I want to put it in a 8 by10 GH open to advice at this time. ANYONE!!

I agree with Alex, with 12 fish I would add even more plants if your concerned about space, maybe you could go with some micro greens, or a couple vine of plants that you could control their direction of growth. On your 50 gallon barrel system, you could put a float switch on the sump pump and save you some power costs.

I am going bigger soon enough, have 50 gallon plastic barrel, 396 ghp pump, and black tubing....just putting together plan.

have one here somewhere, just need to find it.

thinking of having a swirl dump into sump tank and put my pump in there and dump into my beds, then nthe beds dump into fish tank.

Looks like you could use some more plants. 

also have you done the vinegar test on your grow media?

= get a jar and add 2 cups white distilled vinegar and a cup of grow media-

If you get bubbles you have lime stone in your media and this is going to cause you to fight high pH, which will lock out nutrients to your plants

I did do the media test for lime. have more plants in seeds under the stone just waiting for it to come up.

Did you see my siphon time? 6 minutes 49 seconds fill time and 1 minute 55 seconds drain....what you think?

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