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I have 2 projects started, indoor and outdoor. Both are delayed due to surgery. I am bored to tears.  I've been buying my hardware and working the problems since Sep. Surrounded by AP goodies just laying there. I should have been cycling the indoor tanks by now, but noooooo!

Actually I'm in good spirits. This community has helped a lot. Keeps my brain busy is nothing else.

A bit of background: I'm retired Army and semi-retired database programmer. I've been an organic gardener all my life. Even as teenager it made sense. Got the kids through college ... my turn.

I have a 3 acre playgound with 3 large concrete slabs on it (old egg farm I was told). One I will use for my outdoor project. I also have a 40x40 shop (egg store I was told) that will host the indoor project.

The indoor is the focus even if I can't mess with it right now. I'm converting the South half (40x20) to greenhouse.

What I have...

700 gallon DWC growbed (not yet assembled), 700 GPH water pump, 40 LPM air pump,  2 - 330 gallon IBC fish tanks, 4 - 55 gallon drums for vortex clarifier, mechanical filter, and gallon biofilter, etc and an API test kit.

What I still need...

More greenhouse panels,  raft material (288 holes), assorted plumbing.

For lack of something better to do, I uploaded a couple of pictures. I'll shoot some new ones and post.

Love the Community! Happy Holidays!


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Started moving water 3/14/13 so I thought I'd start a system thread. Listing specs first in case I have questions along the way.

2 IBC FTs (2500 liters)
Swirl Filter Barrel (200 liter)
Biofilter Barrel (200 liter)
700 GPH Water pump @ 4' head
40 LPM Air pump with 2 large air stones
3" plumbing between tanks and filters
2" to growbeds
1" Pump to FT
Total 90 degree elbows: 2

Completed 3/14/2013 and pumping water to a pretend GB. Not cycling until temps go up a bit. Adjusting kh and ph only.

Grow bed 9' x 18' @ 14" water level
8 4x4x2 rafts @ 288 2" holes
1575 Liters
Greenhouse grow area foot print 20'x26'
FTs are off to the side of this area.

The dimensions of the GB are based on some 3D steel panels I have. They are 9' x 20" and 2" thick and come pre-insulated. I will back fill 4" under my tarp leaving 2" gap at the top leaving a 14" water level. The rafts will leave a 2 foot area on the return end for the pump compartment. I should have room for some smaller rafts to fill in the gaps.

The greenhouse panels should be finished in the next day or 2 and I can then put the GB together.



Greenhouse coming along. About 1/2 way done (10' of 20')

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