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Well it's official my 1st client paid his deposit today.
This is the Plan
And I sommer started by getting some bits. 
I must have looked delightful in traffic
Then over the weekend.. 
Put in some effort on the parts for the client build.
a few progress pics.

Garage is a bit chaotic at the mo.

I decided to cut the sides of the IBC rather than the top and bottom traditional cuts.
This was the off-cut - The leaky stuff.
This is what the bed looks like - much less complex in terms of convolutions on the bottom.
And check out the support structure underneath
As apposed to the traditional top cut.. (Had to do one traditional cut to create a sump.)

Decided to chill a bit tonight and do some admin - bit pooped :blackeye: . It's much harder work than one remembers and it always takes longer than you recall.
The next step is to make up the frame edges that attach to those wood surrounds. I don't like having all those edges and poky bits. The clien't wife is shorter than me and i don't want her ripping something while reaching into the beds.
Then a cover for the fish tank.

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Hey Jeff,

The main reason is the cost of net pots here. I like the concept of using the neoprene inserts they work well and there is no messing around with media. I just use a pool noodle and cut slices off it to make the inserts. The sheet holds the inserts very tightly.

With the styrofoam or even a sheet of closed cell foam, I think when the plants build up some mass, the inserts would push through.

The other hassle here is the African sun the polystyrene just doesn't last 

Progress pics :thumbleft: 

He decided he wanted to start with the fish and use a bacteria starter.
We decided to go fishing, seen as all the normal suppliers were away or closed for the holidays.

The quarry nearby is full of bluegill which seems quite popular in the states for aquaponics.
We pulled 39 fish in 45mins, they basically snatch the hook as it hits the water.


I changed out 10l of water every 10mins to make sure it stayed fresh and I ran a portable compressor line into the water for aeration.

They all made it safely to the tank with no casualties, luckily the water temp and PH were very similar. My car clunks a bit like wet dog from the spilled water but hey it was an adventure.

It's been about 2 weeks now - no casualties they're still learning to feed off the surface but I'm sure they'll get it when they get hungry enough. 

Here they are in action they still a bit timid in the new environment.
Mine were shy in the beginning too, now they're actually quite rude.

The ladies are insisting that we build a pipe stack for them and add plastic plants for them to play in.

Well 2 weeks in he only had an ammonia and nitrite reading on the 2nd and 4th day the Nitrate levels are rising steadily

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