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I'm not big on eating fish and killing things with faces. So I would like to grow some mussels in my tank. That way I can just keep fish as pets and eat the mussels. But I haven't been able to figure out where to get fresh water mussels that I can put in my tank. Any help?

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May not fit in with your philosophy - but are  freshwater crayfish worth looking at?

I'd read that they are good in a sump to do final cleanup of the water before it heads back to the fish tank.

I got mine on ebay and did have some in-tank reproduction before the crayfish ate them all... 'trouble is, I never knew for sure what species they were.  Too bad, because they were just about the easiest thing I ever grew. :)

Just for clarity on Texas mussels. 15 of the 50 species are endangered leaving 35 that are not and TPWD states,"currently individuals may harvest up to 25 pounds of whole mussels (or 12 pounds of shell) daily for personal use and consumption; a fishing license and freshwater fishing stamp are required." I didn't want to mislead anyone reading this later that it is totally outlawed in Texas because it's not.

I spoke with the fish and game department about this extensively and it is definitely illegal in virginia to take any fresh water mussels out of the waters here. I happened to get one and was going to try to get more so I could grow them. After I found out it was illegal, I returned him to his home.

It sucks Windy but it's the right thing to do for tne great Mother and our children.

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