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I don't know about you guys but I had quite a few people who saw my brag pics of my system but say they don't have the time, the skills or tools to build something like that, a lot don't have the space either.

So I thought I'd build some compact systems that maximize the foot print.
These would only take up ½m² of space but maximize the vertical growing area.
This was the progress after an insomniacal evening. Wow that cut is way tougher than it lookso_O
Then about two weeks passes ...

When a gap opened up, I made up the frames that will attach to the wood surrounds. The woodwork is a serious time thief though.

Another 2 weeks passes with little time to work on these two...

Then last week I got home early in the afternoon and my son had my table saw out, my garage was coated in pulverized skateboard.

So I took the opportunity to make a bit of progress on the systems.
I did a bit more of the messy work.

Sanded down the wood frames, made up the tower supports. Made up the gravel guards and T insert for the tower.
Was contemplating cutting the slots for the pots in the towers too when I ran out of steam.
Better not to rush that part me thinks.
Besides the good wife had started prairie dogging.

But they were definitely starting to look like the pictures in my head ;)


Last night the T barrel systems are finally ready for action.
I was really chuffed at how the grow towers turned out

I haven't bought media yet as a person who takes it might opt for LECA instead of stone.

It is very expensive here so probably not.

Now I just need to get them sold so I can have my garage back
Hopefully someone thinks they make a cool Christmas present.


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I had a few queries as to how I molded the pot mounts in the tower.
The pot mounts in the tower, this was the process.

For the pots I used cheap cool drink cups I got from our local plastics shop.
For the holes in the cups I first tried a drill but it took to long and didn't do a nice job.
I fired up the soldering iron and melted an array of holes around the bottom of the cups.
I was really glad to have made an extractor fan at the point, the fumes coming off the melting plastic were a bit hectic.
The advantage with melting the holes is that it leaves a nice reinforced ridge around each hole.

For the mold/swage for the mount holes, I duct taped the holes of one of the cups an filled it with quick-set cement, I cast a piece of pipe in the middle as a handle. After a few uses the cement around the edge was crumbling so I added a layer of epoxy steel to seal it.

So with the equipment made I set to the task of building the towers.
1st was to do a test on an off-cut of pipe, I used the 110mm UG piping.
I bent some soft wire half way around the pot then opened it a bit around the pipe to get the cut length in the pipe.
I heated the pipe on either side of the cut with a heat gun till it was pliable. Then I used the mold to swage the shape of the pot. I used a wet hand towel to cool the pipe and hold the shape.

I decided that the most efficient spacing would be 200mm apart. I was going to use an angle grinder to cut the slots but opted to use the table saw with the blade set down. It allowed for a nice consistent flow in the work without the fine white powder that the angle grinder makes. It cant be good to breath that in. It also goes everywhere.


So that's my story hope it helps.

HI... Have you had one of these up and running to see how they work? That's a pretty interesting concept.

I tested the siphon with a hose pipe. Still need to set it up and see if the pump will do the trick.

On paper it should work out but one never knows till you throw the switch.

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