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So next week I'm moving to a new house 5 miles down the road. The only thing I'm stressing about is my tank.

Here's my plan:

Step 1: take rocks and plants out of top and put them in buckets.

Step 2: put fish into large plastic bags in plastic bins with air stones. The pump will be hooked up to an inverter so they can be kept in there while the rest is done.

Step 3: drain water into barrels

Step 4: move everything on a truck and set up at new house

Step 5: replace water

Step 6: replace fish

Step 7: replace rocks and plants

It's defiantly going to be a challenge. My main concern is I had an unexpected spawning and now I have a ton of little babies that I don't want to die. It's going to be hard to get them out because my water is so green.

Does anyone have any advice? Have you done this before? Do you see something wrong in my plans?

Thanks for any help!

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welcome to the group.

I would leave some water in tote,maybe screen of some sort to keep babies from being sucked out. And drop in air stone for their first road trip.As for water. if time was not factor,maybe you could use new home water after a day or so waiting on you.

good luck and keep us posted.


If you could get your hands on another IBC, you could set it up and transfer some of your system water ahead of time.

Then you could move the fish directly into their "new" home without needing temporary housing while you tear everything down and move it.

You could always add the original IBC back into the system after everything else is moved.

I moved a 50 gallon aquarium, and basically followed the steps you have listed above. I kept, transferred in barrels 70% of the original water, and then added 30% new water once everything was setup and put back together. There were only two catfish in the tank when I moved it and both survived. I did hold off on feeding for a day or so after the move since I assume they were stressed by the move. I did not salt my system, but salting seems to be the defensive response when you know your fish are stressed, so it might make sense to lightly salt after the move. Just my two cents.

Thanks for all the replies! The bad thing about it is I thought my husband was able to get the tanks in through the back fence. He told me originally the door was big enough. But I guess it wasn't and he ended up throwing it over the fence. LOL. So I have to get all the fish and water out to lift it back over. Sigh. I'll probably move it Saturday and if I remember I'll try and take pictures of how it went. Wish me luck!

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