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We are trying to move our hydroton from an old media bed to a new one.  We had a very large tomato plant in that bed and the media is "dirty".  It has remnants of the root matter and just seems that it could clog the new siphon... the worms are not as active yet to break this down in the new bed. I would like to salvage as much bacteria as I can to jump start the new system.  It is DWC and media  hybrid.  Any one have any suggestions on cleaning the media other than chlorinated tap water from the hose.  We tried sifting  as we would when first cleaning the media but did not work very well.  Hoping someone else had come up with something better.  Thanks.

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Throw it into a tub... fill with water... stir around.... use a sieve to remove the clay balls into another tub... discard roots (into compost or worm bin)... as you go.... pour "dirty water over your soil, or wicking beds...

Save any worms...


Repeat... then fill the new bed... and throw worms back in...

If you feel the need to clean the media, then you just need to get some dechlorinated water to swish it in.  Wash it the same way you might new gravel.  I do it by getting a few plant baskets like people use for pond plants.  I have a couple bins of water, I swish a basket of media in a bin, then in the next bin and place into new grow bed.

Thanks Rupert and is a pretty obvious solution, I know...but really wanted to make sure.  I really want those bacteria to help jump start the new system:)  Patience is a virtue I know this too:) 

To make sure you keep some bacteria alive, don't let the media dry out completely and you might put some unwashed right into the new bed so you know you have some undisturbed media to bring a good jump start of bacteria with it and then wash the rest to remove some of the excess gunk if you feel the media is too clogged to just move over.

Got it.  Thank you guys.  Happy weekend. See you in Denver!

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