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Anyone else had a problem with a mouse in your grow bed.  After a week I finally trapped it but it died in the grow bed.  Are there health implications with this happening?  I am considering re-doing my tank but really don't want to.  Any ides?  I am concerned about any pathogens that may be spread through the system.

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Squirrels are eating my corn as well. They rip the cobs right off, and then use my turkey tail stump as a chair/dinner plate. They peel them right there and leave the husks on the stump, like they expect me to do their dishes :P

FWIW they cannot outsmart a BB in the eye.

That's impressive.  I don't think I'm that good a shot.  I could probably hit the fuzzy tail though.

I leave a mouse trap armed at all times in one GB and one in the FT room as well where fish food gets dropped on occasion and I catch them fairly regularly. About the only body fluid likely to be released is mouse pee and theirs is far more likely to be harmless than ours given our comparable diets not to mention how tiny an amount. Mice eat a much healthier diet than humans. The bacteria in a healthy system won't even take notice. Relax and set a trap.

Jeremiah, its easy.....with a lot of luck.  

:)  I think I'd have a leaky greenhouse by the end of it.

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