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I've noticed a lot of mosquitos flying around near my grow beds. I've even seen a few flying around down in the media guard area. 

I'm pretty sure they're not breeding in the fish tank. I've got aeration and splash from the drain pipe (and fish). It's my understanding most mosquito larva breath thru a tube to the surface of the water. When the water is not still, they have a hard time breathing thru the tube. Also, i have not found any larva in the fish tank.

But the grow beds is another story. Sure the water level goes up and down, but there's not a lot of splash with all the media around. There could be, eggs, larva, pupa in the media, although i haven't directly found any yet. Is anyone experiencing mosquito issues or have any ideas to help get rid of or reduce their numbers? 

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How far below the surface of the media does your water rise? To keep the media from being a good breeding ground you should have the top 1.5 - 2 inches dry all the time.

top 2 inches is dry all the time.

They are probably midge flies, which look very much like mosquitos with feathery antenna. They do live in growbeds and have a larva like a thin red worm, sometimes called bloodworms. They are harmless, eating decaying organic matter, but annoying when they swarm. Fish eat them when they can get to them. My tilapia fry jump for the midge flies like trout at dusk. The best thing I have found to control the swarms is wind, or fans, and good airflow.

I have had mosquitoes breeding in the siphons. When I take the cap off to clean the siphon there are often mosquitoes in there. Many are dead but some in the cap are still alive. I don't think it's a big deal. 

Midge flies, not Mosquitos, most likely. Michael, have you seen any mosquito larva? Chances are you will see little brown lines of gunk about 1/2" long on your siphon and gravel guard, and if you scrape the line with your finger there will be a thin red worm inside. If so, these are midge larva, and they really do resemble Mosquitos. Midge are harmless.

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