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Hello Aquaponicians.....


I'm concentrating in NFT as I found it easy and cost-savvy to build and to maintain.

But, I have a problem..a MOSQUITOES I guess. It looked likes the mosquito...but it was in blue-green color..and so 'fragile'..even wit a single blow, those thing will drop down and immobile!

And I am 500% sure that it wasn't AEDES! 


Can somebody here please help me..


P/S : I will try to photo those creatures!


Thank you.



Hana Helmi

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Not sure without a photo, but in fly fishing circles, what you have described could go through as a "Midge" (midges or gnats) from the Family Chironomidae.  They are extremely abundant in aquatic environments, and closely resemble mosquitoes, but most adults do not even feed.  Their larval stages is typically a small reddish "worm" that is resident on the bottom of rocks or sediments - red because of the presence of haemoglobin. 


There are over 175 different types of Midges in Southern Africa alone.  They hatch in huge nembers near lake or pond margins, and swarm together (never seen a mozzie swarm in my life) during certain parts of the day.  Is this what you are seeing?  I had a huge amount of midges hatching out of one of my systems when it just started up.

Midge larva would actually be a great food supplement for many fish.  I seem to recall a study done that showed a small amount of midge larva fed to the fish seemed to improve the feed conversion far beyond the actual weight of midge larva fed to the fish.  Wish I could remember exactly where to find that study.


If they are actually mosquitoes, well I've used mosquito dunks to control them in tanks without fish.  Make sure it is simply the biological control with bacillus thurgensis and no added chemical pesticides.

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