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I have a small indoor setup with a fairly new system. I'm using two two of these bulbs from home depot in clamp fixtures on a 4 by 2.5 ft growbed.

Is this lighting sufficient to do the job?

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if you are going to use one of those fixtures and shop at home depot, you might try one of these bulbs

This will do a reasonable job from what I have seen. I am using one to start a couple plumeria cuttings that I saved from death. You will want to put it as close as you can while lighting the whole plant or as much as possible. Also for that size of bed you will probably need 2 more fixtures of that type. maybe you could look at this t5 fixture instead. it will cover your whole bed then use the 2 fixtures you have to supplement the areas that are shaded.

Sylvia posted a couple really good videos that break down lighting for aquaponics systems. Check it out:

I'd probably consider the T-5 fixture, but because I'm living in an apartment, I'm looking for a solution that is less permanent than installing a light fixture. The clamps I have work great because they aren't permanent, I have two of this one

This is the general setup of my system. The blinds are now open all the time.

I did watch those videos but was still unsure what solution would work best for me. I guess the dayspot bulbs or the compact flourescent bulbs  would be the best choice

dayspot -

compact -

What I don't know about the compact bulbs is how they are setup. Can they install into the clamps that I currently have?

The compacts should fit into the fixtures you have. They are just normal bulbs with specific light characteristics.

The compact I mentioned in my last post does not fit into regular light fixtures. I ended up buying an additional fixture that plugs into the wall. Thanks though.

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