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A living organism that acts like a mood-booster on the human brain, increasing serotonin and norepinephrine levels and making people feel happier. It was accidentally discovered about 10 years ago, when Dr. Mary O'Brien, an oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, tried an experimental treatment for lung cancer. She inoculated patients with killed M. vaccae,expecting the bacteria -- which is related to ones that cause tuberculosis and leprosy -- to boost their immune system. It did that, The Economist reported in 2007, but it also improved her patients' "emotional health, vitality, and general cognitive function." Later experiments with mice confirmed the bacteria's effects; the study was published in a 2007 edition of the journal "Neuroscience." 

Article here

I wonder if this bacteria is also living in AP media ?

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Makes me want to run around barefoot like I did all summer long when I was a kid....

Ha ha ..You are too funny David :-)

God bless

David Hart said:

Makes me want to run around barefoot like I did all summer long when I was a kid....

I wonder if that is part of why I'm happy playing in the worm castings?

This is a big thing out here on the Columbia River Gorge these days. I have friends that send family members outdoors barefoot to improve their mood. Aparently it works....According to these people it has something to do with electrical conductivity - being grounded, which is something people in cities of pavement do not experience. These people that adhere to this also have special shoes they wear that keep them grounded too. Not sure what to think of all this personally..but I am happier out there playing in the soil...and with my redworm farm.  SO I'll take all the "'happiness bacteria, and grounding I can get."

I smoke worm-castings but I'm trying to quit, I swear.

I would think they would be terribly hard to keep lit.

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