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Hey everyone,


I know this is a farfetched and potentially ridiculous idea, but I'm planning modifying a school bus to make it a mobile green house and would like to put a small aquaponics system on it.  It's for a non-profit I'm starting, showcasing and educating the youth about permaculture, sustainable technologies, and fresh, healthy food.  


I guess the potential problems I see are that the fish don't like movement and get stressed easily that way.  Does anyone know of a specific fish or other creature that wouldn't mind the movement? Or a way to design a smooth riding fish tank?


Also, designing a way to have the pump and O2 to be on constantly, supplemental power in one form or another.  


Maybe I'm crazy, but I see this as an exciting idea!  I welcome any input or ideas regarding the topic.


Thank you

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sounds interesting! if you do solar power would be nice! I saw something similar on youtube w/out aquaponics

I am a truck and couch mechanic by trade. you will definitely need to add overload springs or airbags to handle the weigh of the water. also if you are going to use an inverter to run the system during transit you will need to wire in at least one heavy duty battery and get a larger amp alternator to handle the larger draw that the system will have. are you going to modify the roof to let more light in?

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