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In my latest batch of fry, 11 days since leaving mom, I have noticed one little guy that is missing its tail fin.  The spine seems intact and fully developed and it gets around the tank just fine.  It's not the smallest of the fry by any means and he has a nice fat belly so I know its been eating.  Its odd swimming motion is what first caught my eye, it's moving back and forth much faster than the others (most likely compensating for the missing fin).  I will keep my eye on it and try to get a picture but it moves so fast and there are so many others. it's hard for me to isolate one little fish with my eye let alone a camera.

Anyone else ever run across something similar?

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I know this is a very old post but yes I have had this happen... Most likely the other fry that bigger bit its tail off... or there is a fingerling in there that is hungry...

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