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I'm a long-time fisherman, and I've been wondering about raising minnows and other bait fish. Have any of you raised minnows in your systems?

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I have been going through my IBC growbeds and cleaning the sludge out. I was very surprised to find 6 surviving fathead minnows in the one I cleaned today. We have had some cold night-time temps.Three were red and 3 were the normal color. I put them into the main fish tank. Hopefully in a few months, I will have alot of fry.

I don't consider Fathead minnow a good choice for me. These are just 2 to 3 inches in size and have a lifespan of just 2 to 3 years. These need a depth of at least 29 inches preferably have some planting. They are also resistant to the bad quality of water and need proper Dissolved Oxygen, I guess.

However, good thing is that you can keep them along with all other species of pond fish. 

If you're okay with downsides, you should raise them. These are preferable baitfish.

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