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For some reason, either they are extremely easy to breed or good luck, my minnows are reproducing at an amazing rate. The great majority of my minnows are flatheads, the golden variation known in the pet trade as rosy reds.

however, last November, I also added several shiners. I think they were golden shiners. Now I have what I think is a female VERY fat, patrolling along a foot or so section of the pond, just a few inches below the surface. I have ogled mating behavior and they tell of a golden leaving eggs wherever, but they do not mention if they are inseminated ahead of time and then the female decides where to deposit the eggs..

anybody know?

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I observed a fish at the other end of the pool, probably over 20 feet away showing the same behavior.. And this one was dark also, so obviously, not a rosy red.

Darn cool food chain.  The minnow I've been thinking about is gambusiaffinis.

No idea what species I have, but I AM looking at a way to take advantage of them as a food source IF anybody comes up with a method....

what do you feed your minnows ?  I can see selling them as fish bait  at more profit  than other fish.

They eat the floating catfish food. It is like 32 percent protein.

get a worm bed started and you'll have a live bait supply business going in no time.  

I just received a batch of 2000 red wigglers from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm delivered for $45  they make great fishing bait because they can breathe water.  You should have composting worms in your filter too.  The worms release the minerals in the fish waste.

I already have several worm bins going. I add a handful of worms to the filters whenever I sift my castings. I grab up the worms that stick to the bottom of the pans. I call them 'volunteers' :D :D

In nature, minnows have cover, sanctuaries, to help them survive in the same environment with predators.  an old, bare christmas tree or two in the shallow end might do it.  

Pat James said:

No idea what species I have, but I AM looking at a way to take advantage of them as a food source IF anybody comes up with a method....

They seem to be holding their own survival-wise.... well EXCEPT for the dumb ones that get too close to the drain at the bottom.

I have crawfish in the pool and I think they are getting alot of the eggs before they hatch. My original intent for having minnows was as a food source for my catfish and as a scavenger.

you'll need some kind of mat or vegetation for golden shiners to spawn on..

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