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I wanted to make a window sill AP system to grow some herbs and veggies. This is what I have so far. Total cost 20 dollars.

Parts list:


Sponge Filter

Air Pump

2.5 gallon tank



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Everything is booming :)


What happened to all the other Junk in the small tank... the tube the filters and the divider...?


is it a bed filter now?

sorry man just read  ya got rid of them... just wondering if you are filtering thru the sand.


The airlift tube stops short of the sand. If I had an under gravel  filter I'd use it, but since it is made from stuff on hand I didn't use it.

The plants are doing their thing. Fish are doing their thing. I put some California Black Worms in the grow bed in early March. Every day a few get sucked into the return and into the fish tank where the fish greedily eat them. Almost no intervention from me for over a month now. The worms are breeding and thriving.


So, do you just throw seeds in the clay balls? I started with seeding in coconut fiber in small pots for hydroponics. I was thinking to place the pots in between the clay balls.
Any method will work :)

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