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The current version of my miniature aquaponics system is complete! It's a 20 gallon grow bed, 10 gallon fish tank, and 12 gallon sump setup. Here are some pictures and a video, let me know what you think!

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Hi Alex,

I like it......very well designed and displayed!

Lookin' good man!

I'm switching to a new LED light that should, according to the description and my research, provide enough light for all growing stages of my plants.

Looking forward to seeing how well this does!

Thanks! My new led light came in they other night. It covers 350square feet hahaha. I have about 2 and a quarter in the picture. I guess if I ever expand I will be good on lighting. I will post a picture tonight of the new setup. There will be a bypass line in the pump line leading to the fish tank so the grow bed doesn't flood/drain so often. Also some of the seeds are rooting into the rocks after only 3 days(mostly lettuce).

I can't wait to get things finally finished tonight, I might build a "seeding station" next to grow the sprouts in before putting them into the system.

Hi Alex,

Might be a good idea to change-out or encase in some material the clear tubing which will block the light from creating a buildup, and needing fairly regular maintenance.

That's a good observation, something I won't forget. It never crossed my mind that a little light and heat may speed up bacteria growth and clogging in the tubes. However for my current setup changing out the pump line is the easiet thing to do so I think I am going to roll with t for awhile and actually hope for a clog to see it first hand as a learning experience.

As soon as I get the cycling in the tank correct, either tonight or tomorrow night, I will post a new video. Along with pictures.

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