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Mini System

     Built from 2 fairly small fish tanks, 1- 5 gallon bucket, 1 small fountain pump, 3 Storage totes, Lava Rock, a few coffee containers, and a shelf set.

     The theme of this system was to model a small inexpensive system that could be built by (or for) the average person at home. I wanted to keep the skill level needed to a minimum, as well as the cost.

    I made a small filter out of a coffee can with a hole drilled in side, added a cut out piece of poly fiber air conditioner filter inside the drilled hole. then added poly fiber toy stuffing, as a filter media.

     the grow beds are flush n fill using a pudding cup as a bell siphon cap over a 1" pvc pipe riser also another coffee can with holes used as a media guard. The second tray is flush n fill by using a valve to control the outlet rate of the grow bed. this floods when the tray above it starts it's siphon. this creates 2 flush n fill grow beds with one bell siphon assembly. (I wanted to cut the cost of using a pudding cup bell siphon assembly )

     All the grow beds have a bulkhead fitting made from 1"pvc slip-threaded Pipe fitting, 2 washers, an electrical conduit nut, and silicone.  If a riser is needed a threaded - slip adapter is screwed down after silicone sets on bulkhead fitting.

     The water is strictly from captured rain water. I let this run for 2 weeks. I changed the filter media after the 1st couple days. The water began to loose it's green tint in about 4 to 6 days. I ran 1 set of led grow lights on a 10 hour a day timer during the cycling process.

     I added arugula sproutlings 1 week after starting system. Finally I added a couple fish at 2 weeks.

     The small amount of fish added enables the system to begin the cycle process gently. no chemicals or additives.

    I will post updates as things move along.


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