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I recently started supplying micro greens to a veg stand which targets customers who are juicers. Has anyone tried this before? Looks like it is going to take off. I think I am strugling to produce the product, looking for some ideals.

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Great idea! What are the products they seem to be desiring the most. I wouldn't want to waste time on something they will not buy. Balance quick growing products with what sells easily to have less wasted excess product. Feed the extra to the fish.

micros dont need as much nitrogen as most ap system have to offer.. just use water!

I started using well water and I am now using water from the aquaponic tank. Side by side the tank water plants seem to be growing much faster and more robust .Just started new trays trying organic 3-0-5 with azomite 200 sive dust, with well water, and two pans with aquaponic tank water, will see which is best.

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