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I'm in the Detroit area and have free Tilapia available to beginners. Also willing to share info if needed.

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Lindsey, I will be moving Tilapia this weekend. Are you available to pick them up and still interested?

Jeff S said:

Hi Lindsey. I do have fingerlings and you are welcome to some starter fish. I know when I started I couldn't find any Tilapia in this area, free or otherwise. I would wait for your Nitrites  and ammonia to settle down before putting them in. Let me know when you're ready.

I am still interested and system is all set and ready to go.

I'm looking at Saturday afternoon. Will that work for you?

sure that can work. How many and what size? So I am prepared. Would you like some farm fresh eggs?

Eggs sound great. You had mentioned 25. Probably 2-3 ". Probably a 5 gallon bucket would work....2 at the most.

Great! Looking forward to meeting youtoo

Jeff S said:

Eggs sound great. You had mentioned 25. Probably 2-3 ". Probably a 5 gallon bucket would work....2 at the most.

Matt, I left contact info in your inbox.

Jeff, sorry for the late response! Our system is unfortunately delayed right now, we decided to wait on going live with fish and plants for a couple weeks because we are moving to a new place in the beginning of August. We didn't want to stress the system with a move, plus it would be difficult to move in the first place. Once our system is ready, probably mid August, I would still be interested in some fingerlings but if you don't have any I understand!

I have plenty. We'll work out something when you're ready. Maybe I'll throw in a bucket of seasoned water to help get your system going.

That's be great! I'll let you know when we are (finally) ready.
Do you still have fingerings available? I'm in the Detroit area as well.

I do still have Tilapia of all sizes. The problem is catching them in a particular size. I drained my tank this weekend to where there was just over a foot of water in it and still found it difficult to catch the ones I wanted,the bigger ones. How many did you need and how soon?


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