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I could really use some ideas and tips on how to convert my greenhouse.  It was operating in the 70's, but, when we bought it 2 years ago it had had the glass roof replaced with metal and was full of junk.  The walls are still glass and I definetly think there is hope.  There are pictures of the gh in my profile (too big to attach - sorry). 

Also, is there anyone in Michigan with an already up-and-running system?  I would really like to see one working in person, so if you wouldn't mind giving my husband and I a tour, let me know.  Thanks so much friends!

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Tip if you can upload the photo to the site, you can post them in a discussion using the image button at the top of the post box (next to the link button)

like this

Good Luck.

Thanks.  :)  I tried to post images but it said they were too big.  Maybe if I just did one at a time (I was trying to do 3). 


You can download for free from Microsoft (or anywhere on the net) ImageResizerPowertoy. (its a really small file, 538kb and is super easy to use. Just right click on the picture and choose re-size, then pick one of three sizes...small, medium, large. That's it). I use it for just about every pic I've ever uploaded here. Otherwise the files are huge and take forever or wont upload.

Take a look at the member map and you will see if there are aquapons around you. It looks like you could just replace the metal with polycarbonate and you would be in business although you would spend a lot heating that space with glass walls over the winter - well maybe not with winters like this.

Heating is definetely one of my primary concerns.  I'm mulling over a few ideas in my head.


Look in to rocket mass heaters, the most efficient way to burn wood... an easy to make, inexpensive and low tech solution. Rob T did a good video of his installation in his geodesic greenhouse that he is building

Where in Michigan are you from, Holly?  I'm from Metro Detroit.  Last when when I first got introduce into Aquaponic, I was so curious, but very skeptical.  I test out IBC system using Kois and it works great.  This year or should I say Spring, I'm going to make it bigger and try more things.  Only if I have access to a large green house like yours, probably it'll be better.

Off course the primary concern you and I have is heating during the winter months. 

From personal experience having a greenhouse in Michigan, you are going to have to have ventilation in this building. I would put two exhaust fans at the glass end. and two inlets thru the roof or other end,of equal size or greater. The roof is fine, white roof reflects the sun and I would insulate it with 2" foam insulation. You would end up putting all the glass in, then covering it over with a sunblock fabric anyway way to much sun during the summer. Check out my pics and your always welcome. I shut down my system for the winter but will be up and running by Memorial Day.


Hi Holly,

We are a commercial urban aquaponic farm operating within a warehouse in Livonia. You are welcome for a tour and maybe we can help you with conversion ideas.

All the best!


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