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I have a friend in Colorado he uses medicinal "herbs" i was telling him about ap wondering if others have seen or done this in their system if so how did it work as far as nutes and all ?

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I don't grow so I don't know, but I read a bit from a guy who tried it (long ago, I'm sorry, I can't remember who/where) and I remember he found it necessary to add nutrients during flowering.  That's not much to go on, I know.  But even if that is the case, using our beloved fish-poo-water as the water source for your hydroponic reservoir would put you in business nitrate-wise, and you can make whatever additions you need for various growing stages.  

Maybe this is not true aquaponics, but it might work.  I've been watering my houseplants with the water from my fish tanks with good results for years.  It doesn't close the loop, but you do get 2 good uses out of the water before it all disappears back into the atmosphere... 'could be worse.

well i have been growing one for a test for him for about 30 days it is more impressive than veggies at this point so just looking for more info do you think the site would be upset if i uploaded a pic of this plant ??


Sylvia is the one to ask on that front.  Just shoot her an email.  

I honestly don't know.  I think it should be fair game, since growing medical marijuana has been legalized in many places.  I will be interested to hear how your flowering stage goes... what kind of lights are you using?

too late hope i dont upset anyone it will be removed if asked just the growth is unreal

sunlight with a cfl over night thats it nothing else just added pics take a look

Awesome vegetative growth.  You may be able to get a warmer spectrum (orange) CFL that will work for blooming.  It'll come in handy for any fruiting plants. Take a look online for spectrum/bulbs - there's more detailed info on growing this one plant than probably any other, lol!

im all over that ellen thank s though wasnt sure if i should carry it to all the way as it is not permitted in my state but i think i could cut a whole month out of grow time that would be impressive

Well, that's a decision I'll leave up to you - I suppose legality is something to consider when posting publicly/uploading pics. We don't want to get you in any trouble. :)  But with such impressive projections... there are certainly enquiring minds who would like to know. I can see it now... Aquaponic Medical Marijuana kits - Now you, too, can help save the environment and fight terrorism while getting stoned!  It would be a great answer to those smoking-weed-supports-terrorism ads. :P

lol i agree im dieing to see final results depends ido live out there so i could have it for the next three months just to see ,if it flowers i wouldnt stop it thats for sure see what it can produce .from everything ive ever learned it shouldn't even be alive right now so well see ill keep you posted with pics

but do you agree ellen that this thinng is doing great in this system?i havnt touched this plant just added the fish water im used to tons of nutes lots of heat airflow this is all backwards lol

Just because your state says it is legal doesn't mean the feds won't come after you.

LOL, what is funny is when I ready medicinal plants I was sitting here thinking about my aloe and my violets and plantain and all the other what I think of as "normal" medicinal herbs and food.

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