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Hi everyone,

I am currently looking into modifying my large DWC system to include media beds. My hope is that these media beds can accomplish 100% of my biofiltration and mechanical filtration (removal of solids) needs. Firstly, is this realistic or will I still need to rely on other filters?

Secondly,I am curious to hear from people who have tried a hybrid system setup. Do you have your media beds before or after your DWC rafts and what is your reasoning for having them where you have them?

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media to raft hybrid is the only way to go.. we’ve run ours for 4+ yrs now and love it!

media needs to go before the raft.. its the filter, it cleans the water going to the raft... otherwise you have poop soup in your raft, and on your plant roots, etc.. and that will cause other plant problems.

search hybrid systems, and or polisher, to see how to really clean the water before running it through the raft.

friendly tip - this topic has been discussed several times and from several perspectives, try a quick search in the box in the upper right corner before starting a new thread.. otherwise, im sure we we can get you there..


Thanks Rob, I will try to do more thorough searches next time. I will direct my follow-up questions about hybrid systems to those threads.

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