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Just trying to get some input on these two products.
1. Alaska® by Pennington® Pure Kelp Plant Food.
2. Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed.

A lot of aquaponics enthusiast stand by Maxicrop but the arsenic level is <10.0 PPM compared to Alaska Kelp plant food arsenic 0.001 PPM. Also check out the lead content in the Maxicrop! I haven't heard anyone use the Alaska brand and wonder why? I have emailed the parent company for Alaska brand and they will not endorse or recommend for aquaponics since its not on their label. However, if you check the MSDS sheet and compare both, the Alaska brand seems to be a safer product. Or am I reading the analysis wrong? Thanks!


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In doing some searching about aquaponics/Alaska, I ran across this older post.  Joseph, I suspect that this post has not been addressed on this forum because Maxi Crop is a product/brand that this website carries in its 'store' here.   Maybe someone can address this.  I have not looked at the MSDS sheets, as you suggest, but in light of the information you supplied, this is well worth looking into.  Even if the makers of the Alaska product do not endorse it for AP, it might be a superior product.   There are a lot of things people use in AP that are not endorsed for it, mostly because the majority of the world has not heard of AP yet.


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