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  I just picked up some powder Maxicrop for my little 20 gallon system and was curious to how much of the powder I am suppose to use.  The label says I need 1 teaspoon per gallon per week.  So does this mean that i need 20 teaspoons per week?  or is it different because it's in an aquaponics system.  Also, is there such thing as too much of the "trace elements"?  I'm guessing that this is what Maxicrop helps replace.  Just curious... still learning things here.

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Don't waste your money. It's only a 20 gal system. Be patient and let the bacteria biuld up.

The way I figure dosing for something like maxicrop.

If the jug says say 1 oz per gallon and use that gallon to water some square footage of plants.  Then figure your square footage of plants and use the amount of product recommended to fertilize that square footage.

Or for your wettable powder, you probably just want about a pinch per week or a teaspoon per month or so.

too much of anything is too much.  Don't over doo anything.

awesome, thanks for your inputs guys.

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