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I have multiple females and a male in a 75 gallon tank. All the females have swollen bellies like they are ready to drop. My fish are exhibiting this behavior and I'm wondering if this is a mating dance then why aren't they breeding. Thank you in advance
Blue Tilapia:

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Mine didn't until I increased water temp to 85 and PH was close to 8.
Then we lost 2 litters and almost lost the 3rd, saved 9 fish from that brood, then had about 230 lost maybe 10, now are going to pull eggs from another female tomorrow as it will be 8 days
I have the water at 88 degrees, they get about 14 hrs of light. The pH is about 7.2 I wanna say according to the api test.
??? How many males in the tank.?

Mine usually take a couple of weeks after moving into the breeding tank to settle down, build their nest and actually lay eggs.  I use gravel on the bottom of the tank to give them something to build their nest in.

All of my successful breedings were at water temperatures of 80F and I've never had temps over 82F.  Looks like they are using that pot as their 'nest' which should be fine, just make sure they have room to get in and out of it.  Your water looks very cloudy in the video, but it might just be the side of the tank I'm seeing.

Not much magic in tilapia breeding - just clean warm water, a place for them to nest and patience.  Once the eggs are layed and she is holding well, I remove all the fish except the one holding eggs.  Once I see the fry swimming around I remove the mom as well.

Good luck!

When my female tilapia get swollen bellies I do a 30% water change and bam that day or the next day ... mouth full of eggs...

Good Luck

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