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Hi everybody! Does anyone know which universities in the US offer Master of Science in Aquaponics? 



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AFAIK... there isn't a university anywhere in the world that offers a degree course in aquaponics...


Although there is a "gentleman" that has recently created his own "aquaponics university"... to teach you how to use the systems that you have to buy off him first...

Oh yeah, amazing. Anyway, I have come a cross a document written by someone who owns Master's degree of Aquaponics. Now I'm thinking about that document. However thank you for your comment.

If that's Wilson Lennard.... no he holds a masters degree in science... he did a thesis based on aquaponics...

There are several universities that have Aquaponics systems running now and perhaps a few of them have actual classes in aquaponics but the only one I know of that had an actual course of study in Aquaponics is the University of the Virgin Islands but I don't know if the course gets you a degree of any sort or even a certificate.  Of course Dr James Rakocy has retired and now seems to be traveling the country visiting aquaponics operations.


Dr. George Brooks has some high degree in aquaponics, you can find him on facebook.

I couldn't find him on facebook


George Brooks

TCLynx said:

I couldn't find him on facebook


I could not find him too.


Where is this George Brooks with this high degree in Aquaponics From?  The only George Brooks I found on Facebook didn't have any reference to Aquaponics in his profile.

He's probably a mate of Mr John Fay.... the world renown "organic gardener" and "aquaponics authority".... the scumbag from "aquaponics4life"....

KSU', Kentucky State University among others offers an  Aquaculture Master's Degree proram . Perhaps that is closer to what was meant.'s%20Degree.htm


There are plenty of Universities with Aquaculture programs and I expect plenty of those same Universities also offer Horticulture Programs.  So one could get a good education in much of the relevant stuff and put it together themselves.

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