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I've been thinking of how to feed trout and commercial pellets are evil, but that is my opinion. I'm thinking of growing black soldier fly larvae and worms to feed the fish. Here is where the "yuck comes in". I want to put them together in a food processor of some sort  put them into molds and stick them in an unused freezer in the garage. Then I'll put them into an automatic fish feeder and hopefully the trout will eat it. Still haven't barfed yet, well trout mostly eat insects, this is my plan. Tell me if I'm crazy, please it would be helpful. (insert awesome yet weird emotocon)

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Absolutely nothing wrong with supplementing the diet of the fish.. with worms, meal worms, BSF, insects, lupins etc...


Just be aware that none of them are complete feeds... aquaculture pellets, especially trout feeds... are as complete as it's possible to make them... the result of a  a century of research...

Eric Warwick said:

Well... that was kind of expected of worms, but if I see problems with the fish (not sure which yet trout is likely) or, I'll do more research; I should expect to have somethings wrong. You could say that about any aquacultred fish; just because it is different doesn't mean it is worse. Now if my fish die then oh...

TCLynx said:
I actually expect that worms have some of the same drawbacks as the bsf, high in fat as I've heard of people rendering worms to remove some of the fat for a higher protein worm meal.

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