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How do you get your fish?

Several years ago, when I first built my modified CHOP mkII system, I ordered tilapia, catfish, & bluegill fingerlings mail-order from some place in Florida (shipped to Virginia).  They would ship fingerlings in plastic bags with some sort of O2 generator inside a styrofoam box.  Every fish arrived alive & healthy.  Alas, that supplier is no longer in business. 

And tragically, I had a system malfunction that killed all my fish. 

The nearest supplier that I have found will not ship and is 90+ minute drive (each way) from my location.   (Doable, but inconvenient.)  I'm currently running my system with pet-store koi.

Does anyone know a fish supplier that will ship fish to Virginia?

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Mineral springs tilapia had good products. Search their website

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