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Is there a way to get a bell siphon to work properly with little flow? I have looked everywhere and can’t find a good solution.


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very good!, it will be about a 5` drop. I have a nice hill to deal with.....want to keep it as simple as possible, thanx

Keep in mind I have not tested the indexing valve with a FLOUT yet.  I did run some tests with the 1 1/4" gravity modified indexing valve and a barrel ponics type flush valve.  I used over size pipe from the flush tank to the valve and only reduced down right at the valve.


I expect to perhaps run some more gravity tests after Thanksgiving some time though I've been rather busy and haven't managed to set it up yet.

I had every intention of using over sized pipe right up to the indexing valve..for that extra ump of impact from the volume surge...too cool

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